AVAYA Cloud Services for Businesses Impacted by Natural Disasters

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Version:    4.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    14 Sep 2018
Updated:    11 Oct 2018
Ronda Parker


This is the process for obtaining FREE AVAYA Cloud Services for business impacted by 2018 Natural Disaster.  Includes anyone (Non-Avaya customer, Avaya Customer, Partner) needing immediate communication service in disaster affected area - There will be no charges for the services for 60 days


The 2018 hurricane season is upon us several hurricanes have already had devastating effects in many areas of the United States.   

 Businesses needing communication services should: 

o   Go to:  Avayamarket.com (Using Chrome or Foxfire works best)

o   Under “Unified Communications”, Click “BUY NOW”

§  Enter your email

·         If you don't have an account, you will be prompted to set one up by clicking “Get Started”

·         Click “Yes, Sign me up!”

·         You will receive a confirmation email from “Zang Accounts”

·         You will need to Click “Confirm!” in the email

o   This will open a page to create the new account

o   Fill in the required fields

o   Click “Create Account”

o   Once logged into your account:

§  Change the number of Users under “Essential” and “Business” to “0”

§  In the “Power” section, select the number of Power seats that are needed

§  Click “Continue”

§  In “Select a plan” Choose “Month to Month”

§  Select “Find a Local Number”

·         Enter the Area code preferred

·         Click the Search icon

·         Select a number from the list

·         Click “Select”

·         Click “Continue”

§  Under “Assign devices to your users!”, do NOT select any devices.

·         Equinox soft client is available to be used for all incoming and outgoing calls

·         Click “Continue”

o   Click “ADD TO CART”


o   Complete the required fields

§  Company Name, Company Domain,

§  Billing Address, Shipping Address if different

·         Note: you must be in the affected States to participate

§  Select the drop down in the “Agent “

·         Type in ACBU

·         Click “ACBU Master Sales Agent”

§  In “PAYMENT METHOD”, Select “Purchase Order”

·         Enter “Florence” or "Michael" based on the storm that caused the impacted

o   Scroll down to review the order

§  Click both boxes under “I have read and agree to the following:”

o   Click “PLACE MY ORDER”

§  The total will reflect the price for the number of Power Users and applicable taxes

§  There will be no charges for the services for  60 days

o   Go to “support.avaya.com” to download Equinox soft client

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