Spectralink/Polycom 3641/3645 handsets shutting off powering down randomly

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Published date:    11 Jun 2012
Updated:    01 Oct 2012
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Problem: Avaya - Spectralink/Polycom 3641/3645 wireless phones are turning themselves off and shutting down

There seems to be a problem with the batteries, but they are charged properly

Problem Clarification

Customer is reporting that their Spectralink/Polycom 3641/3645 wireless handsets are shutting off and powering down by themselves


The Spectralink/Polycom 3641/3645 sets are most likely shutting off due to the battery connection to the main phone. This happens with age and from unapproved cleaning products breaking down the plastic as well as drops over time.


Battery replacement solved the issue.

A good test for this issue is to take the handset with both hands and try slightly twisting the handset in opposing direction to see if the phone powers off. This test is not 100% accurate but is a good step in troubleshooting the issue.

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