One-X Agent: Remote users always assigned IP address in network region 1.

Doc ID    SOLN287037
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08 Feb 2018
Created Date:    07 Apr 2016


CM 6.2 (This applies to any version of CM)
One-X Agent 2.5.5

The customer has remote users on One-X Agent softphones, located around the globe that register to procr, through 1 of 3 VPNs. The problem is that they cannot predict the IP address that the One-X Agents get assigned, so the customer does not have any of the station IP addresses mapped to a network-region in CM. This is causing all the One-X Agent stations to use resources in network-region 1, which is no where near the remote users location. This is causing them problems because all of their One-X Communicator stations are configured in a similar manner, but can be forced to a Network-Region other than 1, by modifiying the login.xml file for the softphone.

Problem Clarification

The IP for the user's One-X Agent softphone will get assigned to network-region 1 unless the station's IP is mapped to a network region in CM.


Working as designed.


At this time there is no feature/settings to force the One-X Agent softphone to a particular network region without mapping the station's IP to a specific network region. Changes will need to be made to the scope of IP addresses that are assigned to One-X Agent stations in different locations, then the proper range of IP address can be mapped to a specific network region in CM.

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