Interface ACDManagerAddress

All Superinterfaces:
Address, CallCenterAddress

public interface ACDManagerAddress
extends CallCenterAddress


The ACDManagerAddress interface models an ACD management control point that manages one or more Agent Groups. Calls are presented to an ACDManagerAddress so that it can distribute those calls to agents logged into the Agent Groups managed by this special address.

ACDManagerAddresses and other ACD Objects

When a call is placed to an ACDManagerAddress, its implementation routes that call to one or more Agent Groups, which are modeled by ACDAddresses. When an ACDAddress receives the call it may present that call to an available Agent in its Agent Group, or it may queue the call until an Agent is available.

The ultimate destination of a call is a human at a phone terminal. This person may have "sessions" active at different Agent Groups, each of which presents her or him as an Agent in that Agent Group. An Agent is the recipient of a call in an Agent Group and Agents are modeled as Agent objects. When an Agent is selected, the call is completed by a Connection between the Call object that originally involved the ACDManagerAddress and the Address associated with that Agent. The ACDManagerConnection and ACDConnections that modeled ACD call routing and queuing to that point are then placed in a DISCONNECTED state.

ACDManagerAddresses differ from Addresses

Some important differences between ACDManagerAddress and Address are:
  1. An ACDManagerAddress cannot have any Terminal objects associated with it.
  2. An ACDManagerAddress is not a logical endpoint of a call in the same sense as an Address, rather it models a distribution process whereby the selection of a logical endpoint is deferred.
  3. ACDManagerConnections associated with an ACDAddress do not enter into the CONNECTED state.
  4. An ACDManagerAddress is not returned on Provider.getAddresses(), but is available through CallCenterProvider.getACDManagerAddresses()

See Also:
ACDManagerConnection, ACDAddress, ACDManagerConnection

Method Summary
 ACDAddress[] getACDAddresses()
          Returns the ACDAddess(es) associated at system administration time with this ACDManagerAddress.
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Method Detail


public ACDAddress[] getACDAddresses()
                             throws MethodNotSupportedException
Returns the ACDAddess(es) associated at system administration time with this ACDManagerAddress. This method returns a null if no ACDAddress is associated with this ACDManagerAddress.

It does not return the ACDAddress(es) connected to this ACDManagerAddress in a Call. That information can be obtained through the getACDConnection() method on ACDManagerConnection.

The ACDAddresses associated with this ACDManagerAddress.
MethodNotSupportedException - This method is not supported by the implementation.

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