Interface CallCenterAddress

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ACDAddress, ACDManagerAddress, ITsapiAddress, LucentAddress

public interface CallCenterAddress
extends Address

The CallCenterAddress interface is the base Address interface for the call center package. This package defines two additional Address interfaces which both extend this interface: ACDAddress and ACDManagerAddress.

The addCallObserver() Method

This interface defines a version of the addCallObserver() method which overloaded the definition in the Address interface. This overloaded version accepts an additional boolean parameter which allows applications to monitor Calls which come to this Address for the lifetime of the Call, and not just while it is at this Address.

See Also:
Address, ACDAddress, ACDManagerAddress

Method Summary
 void addCallObserver(CallObserver observer, boolean remain)
          This method behaves similarly to Address.addCallObserver(), with the following exceptions:
Methods inherited from interface javax.telephony.Address
addAddressListener, addCallListener, addCallObserver, addObserver, getAddressCapabilities, getAddressListeners, getCallListeners, getCallObservers, getCapabilities, getConnections, getName, getObservers, getProvider, getTerminals, removeAddressListener, removeCallListener, removeCallObserver, removeObserver

Method Detail


public void addCallObserver(CallObserver observer,
                            boolean remain)
                     throws ResourceUnavailableException,
This method behaves similarly to Address.addCallObserver(), with the following exceptions:

If an application attempts to add an instance of an observer to the Address more than once, whether via the method or via the Address.addCallObserver() method, only a single instance of an observer will be added. Repeated attempts to add an observer will silently fail, i.e. no exception is thrown.


  1. observer is an element of this.getCallObservers()
  2. observer is an element of Call.getObservers() for each Call associated with the Connections from this.getConnections()
  3. An array of snapshot events is reported to the observer for existing calls associated with this Address.

observer - The observer being added.
remain - If true, the observer remains on the Call for the lifetime of the Call. If false, the observer uses the default behavior.
MethodNotSupportedException - The Address is currently not observable.
ResourceUnavailableException - The resource limit for the numbers of observers has been exceeded.
PrivilegeViolationException - The application does not have the proper authority to perform this type of observation.
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