Interface MobileProviderListener

All Superinterfaces:
java.util.EventListener, ProviderListener

public interface MobileProviderListener
extends ProviderListener

The MobileProviderListener interface reports all changes which happen to the MobileProvider object. These changes are reported as one method call with separate event ids for each event type. The applications must instantiate an object which implements this interface and then use the Provider.addProviderListener method to register the object to receive all future events associated with the MobileProvider object.

See Also:
MobileProvider, MobileProviderEvent

Method Summary
 void networkChanged(MobileProviderEvent event)
          The network of MobileProvider has changed.
 void serviceRestricted(MobileProviderEvent event)
          The state of MobileProvider has changed to restricted use mode.
Methods inherited from interface javax.telephony.ProviderListener
providerEventTransmissionEnded, providerInService, providerOutOfService, providerShutdown

Method Detail


public void serviceRestricted(MobileProviderEvent event)
The state of MobileProvider has changed to restricted use mode. The core ProviderEvent supplies inService, outOfService and serviceShutdown transitions. The MobileProvider adds the notification of serviceRestricted transitions.

event - service restricted event.


public void networkChanged(MobileProviderEvent event)
The network of MobileProvider has changed.

event - the network has changed due to roaming operation

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