The JTAPI Mobile package extends the core capabilities of a JTAPI implementation with capabilities specific to mobile networks.


Interface Summary
MobileAddress A MobileAddress interface represents what we commonly think of as a "telephone number." In the mobile world, the telephone number depends of the subscription and so often of the SIM card.
MobileNetwork A MobileNetwork interface represents an actual cellular network.
MobileProvider A MobileProvider represents the telephony software-entity that interfaces with a wireless subsystem.
MobileProviderEvent The MobileProviderEvent interface is the interface for all mobileprovider events.
MobileProviderListener The MobileProviderListener interface reports all changes which happen to the MobileProvider object.
MobileRadio The MobileRadio interface is used for simple radio management capabilities (turning on and off), if the platform supports it.
MobileRadioEvent The MobileRadioEvent class is the listener event class for all radio state change events.
MobileRadioListener The MobileRadioListener interface reports all changes which happen to the MobileRadio object.
MobileTerminal A MobileTerminal represents a physical hardware endpoint connected to a wireless telephony domain.
NetworkSelection The NetworkSelection interface provides the specific list based services.

Package Description

The JTAPI Mobile package extends the core capabilities of a JTAPI implementation with capabilities specific to mobile networks.


The overall architecture of the JTAPI packages was designed to flexibly represent a wide range of telephony devices. While the advanced call control and call center packages provide added features for third party world view at switches and server applications, other packages are designed to enhance the terminal side of first party only devices. e.g. the phone package for dealing with physical devices such as ringer, buttons and hookswitches.

The Mobile package adds to the first party view of the telephony network the features needed to support the unique characteristics visible to the wireless network device endpoint. This package was initially designed with GSM networks in mind, but has been crafted to work well in other wireless networks as well.

Mobile device characteristics

Several characteristics of the mobile device are worth highlighting here to understand some of the design decisions that were made in the Mobile package that may appear contrary to design patterns used in earlier releases of JTAPI :

Network Types

The term available network means a mobile cellular network that is in the general geographical area as the mobile device such that the device can detect and communicate with a cell of that network. And that the network can offer, at a minimum, restricted communication service to the mobile device.

Current network refers to the mobile network service provider that the mobile device is currently registered with. That is, the network the mobile device is receiving communications through.

Home network is the network the mobile device has a subscription of service with.

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