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public interface ACDAddressObserver
extends AddressObserver

The ACDAddressObserver interface reports all state changes in the Agent that are associated with the ACDAddress as events. Applications instantiate an object which implements this interface and use the Address.addObserver() to request delivery of events to this observer object. Events will be delivered to this interface only if the Provider is in the Provider.IN_SERVICE state. All events which are reported via this interface must extend the ACDAddrEv interface.

Events are reported via the AddressObserver.addressChangedEvent() method. This interface defines no additional methods and therefore serves as a way applications signal to the implementation that is desires call center package events.

Note that the state changes in the Agent are also reported via the AgentTermianlObserver for the AgentTerminal on which the Agent is logged in to.

Avaya is providing its backward-compatible Observer model implementation in this release; in the specification this interface is deprecated As of JTAPI 1.4, replaced by ACDAddressListener

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